Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still Here

I was reminded by neighbor Jim that I had not blogged in a while. As far as the fluttering goes, it has been fairly uneventful over the past several weeks. I just have to watch dehydration and drinking alcohol. So I cannot over do it running (or any other exercise), get dehydrated, then recover with any kind of alcoholic drink. Usually I must get rehydrated before having a cold beer. Oh well! It could be worse. I am willing to live with that "problem" as long as I don't have the long fluttering episodes.

As far as running, still running. We were on vacation last week in Colorado Springs. I did not do a lot of running, but got in a lot of walking at the higher altitude. There is the Pikes Peak Marathon I read about, not sure I want to tackle a 26 mile run that heads uphill for 13 miles to 14,000+ feet.

I have been running steadily this week. Trying to overcome a slight injury to my lower left leg. RICE. It sure has seemed to help. I was too tired today to run having run over the past 3 days. My plan is to work on increasing my distance and enjoying the run. I have not run with my HR monitor for a while now. However, I need to start getting serious about this marathon training (Rocket City marathon).

Now if I could get serious about this blogging business!