Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apple's Time Capsule

Here is a brief synopsis of my attempt to set up Time Capsule. I must say that I was successful and have had only a couple of minor issues.


MacBook Pro, Dell Inspiron laptop, HP laptop and Dell desktop (all Windows machines are running XP).
Time Capsule (500 GB drive)
AT&T (formerly Bellsouth) modem for DSL
Canon MX310 multi-function printer

I left the setup of the desktop last since I am in the process of transferring files from it and then wiping the drive.

I gathered the three laptops and the printer in one spot to minimize the travel. First I loaded the printer drivers, hooked up the printer to each, and ran a test page (successful).

Next I loaded Airport Utility on each computer (except the MacPro).

I then set up Time Capsule and wirelessly connected to the internet with my Mac. I connected the other laptops to the net. Then I added the printer and verified that I could print from each laptop (using Bonjour - the only way to go).

Issue one - the multifunction does not work using Time Capsule. The printer will only print.

Issue two - the HP will not print. I have tried everything to make it work and no luck. The computer sees the printer on Airport Utility, but no luck on printing. Solution - we have a second multifunction printer that I connected to the HP (it is my son's computer and he does not move it out of his room much). So now I have multifunction capability on at least one computer which may come in handy.

Issue three - I had to start Airport Utility again on each computer and one I had to reboot so it could see the Time Capsule drive. No further problems.

Issue four (and biggest) - next day my wife is trying to luck. The printer which I turned off the night before could not be seen in Airport Utility on any computer. So using the Mac, I redid the entire process and got it working. I found out that if I would have done a soft or hard reset of Time Capsule, I probably would have recovered the printer. So printer now works so I left the power on. After googling the issue, I did find a thread on bug with this issue, but no solution.

I called Apple Care and went through issue four. I could not get the problem to manifest itself again. So it seems that the issue has magically resolved itself.

Issue five - could not get my Directv HD DVR to connect to the internet although my Samsung BluRay player connected right away and loaded a new driver.

This issue disappeared after resolving my printer issue. I went into the DVR's network setup the next day and it connected right away with no problems.

Issue six - I have since connected a powered USB 2.0 bus and added two other hard drives. When I was saving my critical files to the Time Capsule, I would get an error message occasionally and the Time Capsule would lock up. I had to cycle the power to reset the Time Capsule because Airport Utility would not see it to do a soft reset. I am able to see and use the two new drives with no issues. To solve this problem, I just moved less files at one time. I have not been able to figure out this one out, but it is not a showstopper.

Minor issues:

I have two instances of my MX310 showing up on Time Capsule. I think this is because I loaded the driver on my Mac twice when troubleshooting the printing issue. Merely an irritating side effect.

Time Capsule runs HOT when using the disk.

Time Capsule has no on/off switch and the power cord connection is very tight.

One of my other drives spins continuously...I don't think it is a Time Capsule issue...just a drive issue. Since I don't plan on using it much, I will simply disconnect it from the bus.

The Rest of the Story:

I have connected the cantankerous desktop with no issues. I moved tax files from my old Zip drive to the Time Capsule.

I have connected my son's Xbox 360 with no issues.

Back to issue four - after leaving the printer off all night, I just tried printing and no luck. I have done a soft reset and no luck. Time to call Apple Care!

Update: Called Apple Care...analyst had me remove the printers in Preferences and then re-add. Printer now works. This is painful if I have to fiddle with this issue each time I need to print!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nearly the End of 2008

Well another disappointing football game by the OSU Cowboys. They just can't quite close the deal on big games. I think they were lucky to do as well as they did....there is always next year.

Been working on my new router, Apple's Time Capsule. I will write more about it later and some of the pitfalls I ran across (and solved).

Still running. Ran a 10 miler last Saturday. Time was about 1:23, which is about 11 minutes slower that last year. I was hurting the last couple of miles when I hit the last couple of hills. While I am on track to successfully run the Mercedes, it won't be nearly as fast as my previous attempts. In fact, it will probably be my slowest run to date.

I ran 5 miles yesterday and really felt the effect of Saturday's run. Trying to pile on mileage now to get up to 13-14 prior to the race is not fun. One good thing is that the plantar's in my left foot is mostly gone. I credit the stretching exercise I do every morning in the shower and after each run. Seems to have done the trick. Basically I would put my heels against the wall and lean on the opposing wall for about 50 seconds. Then I would move closer the opposing wall, crouch, then lean forward for about 50 seconds. I think the continuous stretching has been effective. It was not a quick remedy, but it seems to have worked for me.

Been having a couple of pitter patters with heart this evening. Even on the flecainide, I get an occasional flutter. Just the way it goes. I am on the lowest dosage to keep the flutter at bay and still feel like I can get my heart rate up when I run.

Only a few more days of vacation and then it is back to work. The economy is beginning to concern me. Yeah, everything has tanked and the market has been clobbered. But the retails stores that are folding and the continuous media coverage that this could be worse than the Great Depression is depressing. Instant access to information has its pluses and minuses. Now with Israel pounding the stew out of the Hamas and India/Pakistan chest butting one another may put the world into a real tailspin. With the military focused on Iraq and Afghanistan, our ability to respond to any other crisis is severely limited. Some of these other countries will need to step up to the plate.

Well it is way past my bedtime. I will write more on my Time Capsule travails later.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Caption Above

I was looking at my caption above and wondering if I should change it. I have not really been on the bike in two burned out after letting it run my life (kind of a play on words since I now run). Now I am getting burned out on running to the point I don't want to exercise at all. Lately, it seems like there is always something hurting. My foot, my arch, my heel, my shoulder, my hand, etc. I think I am simply falling apart. Maybe that should be my caption.


Nothing New

Uh, nothing new. Just delinquent in my postings as well as my running. I did manage 9 miles this past Saturday and haven't run since. The Bham track club as an end of year run this Saturday...10 miles is usually the option I run. It was cold and windy today (low was 17F this morning). So I opted to not run and "save" myself for Tuesday. Procrastination you are a friend of mine.

It was nice to not be working today, although I had a business lunch with some of my counterparts...end of year stuff.

I need to commit to putting more "depth" into my blog rather than being just wading in the shallow end of the pool. I usually have things I want to blog about, I just don't. No reason other than I just don't. Ok...maybe I am a little lazy and after peering at a computer all day, I just don't have the energy or enthusiasm to blog. I should probably figure out how to twitter...