Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stupid Questions

I have a stupid question on my previous post. The answer is I do!

I did run a little over 5 miles today and actually felt pretty good. I then lifted a few weights and then hit the showers...sounds like high school.

The weather here in central Alabamer is quite loverly. My me-otter has been running wonderfully with the top down. In fact, this morning I pulled up behind Eaglepoint Jim in his red hot mustang with his top down. As you may recall, Jim is the prior owner of my little me-otter.

Tomorrow Alex's running buddies are coming over for a pre-race pasta dinner. So we will have a house full of boys and my daughter is looking for somewhere else to hang out. She doesn't want hang around a bunch of older boys...yeck. Someday she will likely regret that decision (and hopefully she will be out of the house by then ;-)).

Two days of posting in a row. It is a record.

Watching the stock market trying to figure out when I can get back in. Most of my 401K is in a money market fund. I was watching Apple hoping it will drop a little lower. I think the market is heading lower as the financial situation continues to unfold. I don't agree that the "govment" should bail them out. Where is the repercussion for making poor decisions if you know you make a poor decision and someone will be covering your ass. To top it off...several CEO's of these failing organizations will walk away with more money than most people will make in a lifetime (times a hundred).

Alex is scroby...we are not sure not sure if you spell it "scrobe" or "scroby". Even further, we are not sure what it means. My wife is the one that has always said scroby usually in reference to something or someone that is disheveled or unkempt. You know when you go to the beach, get in the water, sun yourself, get back in the water, sun yourself, (you get the picture). Anyway, as you head back to your condo or hotel room, you have this icky feeling AKA you feel scroby. Imagine a homeless person that is stinky and wearing three layers of funky smelling clothes...he/she is scroby. Back to Alex...although he took a shower a little earlier, his attitude is scroby.

I am tired and ready for bed...a common theme lately. So no sense in delaying the inevitable. TTFN.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Runs Anymore?

Had to take a quick run to Oklahoma to visit my ailing mother. Ran twice. Headed to Las Vegas afterward for a conference. Did not run for a week. Finally got home after nearly 10 days on the road. Ran once since then. It is hard to get motivated when you don't train for a race. I have a hard time hitting the road "just to stay in shape".

I am now sitting here on the bed on a Wednesday night typing in my blog (which I have ignored for quite sometime). I have a funky sock (Strassburg) on my left leg because of an ongoing battle with plantar fascitis. So now I don't sleep very well, but at least my arch does not hurt in the morning. I hope this $35 sock will heal my aching arch.

Not much going on. Work and stuff. In fact, I don't even feel like typing in my blog cause I took my contacts out and have to hold the laptop fairly close so I can see the words. Funny thing is that when I have my contacts in, I have to wear reading glasses to do the same thing.

The market is down. Elections are around the corner. We are still stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan. North Korea is restarting their nuke plant. Iran calls for the demise of the american power. Lindsay Lohan is dating a girl. Clay Akin is gay. The world is really going to hell in a hand basket.

So what am I going to do? I think I will go to bed. Ta ta for now.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Welcome September

Another month has come and gone. Wow...what a month. Some 'lympics, demo"rat" and re"pubic"an conventions, football, school, etc.

The weather has been quite nice for the past month. Hurricane Gustav left us quite a bit of rain and some cooler than usual weather. Hurricane Hanna had no impact on the 'ham. Now Ike is bearing down on the gulf.

I have been running and lifting weights. I have also gained a few pounds...not sure if the lifting is adding to the mass or I am merely eating more than I am expending.

Okie state is 2-0 with a couple of good offensive games. I was considering flying to Oklahoma to catch a game, but I just don't know if I will have time.

I am still on my flecanaide and have not had any incident of flutter. Still not sure if I like it...I just have not felt quite right since I started taking the medicine.

My running is going ok although I miss the competitive training and races. I ran 6 miles on the 5K loop around the 'hood. My first lap was good, my second one sucked. I actually walked up the hill. I don't think I can stand to try and race a course that is very hilly because I cannot recover very well with a lower than usual heart rate.

There is supposed to be a criterium this weekend (Google Pepper Place Crit). I am supposed to work the registration all day Saturday and then fly to Las Vegas on Sunday. Long weekend ahead.

I did have some stuff I wanted to blog about (Palin, actors, stocks, trucks, etc.). I will do that some other time when I really feel like cutting loose. Now I will watch a little more football and head to bed.