Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2 more weeks

Here I am at the beach, relaxing and waiting for T-day. All of my hard marathon training is done. Now I am at the sharpening stage as I begin my taper for the marathon on 12/8. I think I am ready.

My heart condition has been fine. Just a little tweak every now and then. I am still recovering from my last 20 miler this past Sunday. I am just ready to get the darn thing over with so I can not be in a training phase for a while.

However, my plan is to run the Mercedes 1/2 marathon (too hilly to undertake the full marathon). I really want to get this first marathon under my belt so I can decide if it is worth doing more. The training plan I have been using seems to work...of course, I have not run the race. I would like to do this type of training and run a few races. However, being an engineer and somewhat anal retentive, I am sticking to the plans and it does not call for any races in the preparatory phase.

Did I mention I was at the beach? Trying to take some time from work to just chill out and do some reading and play with the kids. I recently decided to move to the inactive reserves so that means no more drill weekends. It also means no more drill pay! However, I am ready to put the military in the rear view mirror and do other things. Next week I will be out of town. Then back in town the following week prior to the big race.

So now I must begin my taper and think about writing more in my blog. I did have a good lead for a post recently, but I cannot remember the subject matter now. That is what happens when you wait too long to post a thought on this thing.

Journaling has never been a strong suit with me...and it does not seem to improve any time soon. SLB (seeya later bye).

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Long Time No Write

Well it is time for my monthly update since I cannot seem to do it on a more frequent basis. So what has been going on?

Training is going well. Ran a 10 mile pace run today with Chip. Felt pretty good. Tomorrow is the second of three 20 milers. Ran the last one a couple of weekends ago while I was working in Dothan. That day, Sunday, I ran 20 miles in the morning and then worked nearly 15 hours. I have completed most of my other runs without any injury (knock on wood) and no illness. I returned from my week in Dothan worn slap out. In fact, after a "rest" weekend last week, come Monday I felt like terrible. I came home from work and hit the bed. I felt like I was coming down with a cold or something. Next, I felt ok and ran 7 hill repeats late in the afternoon.

I have not had any heart problems over the past month. The near illness this past Monday had me worried since I have been getting the flutters after being ill. But so far so good. However, the death today of a US marathon runner (Ryan Shay) collapsed and died during the Olympic Trials in NYC. Usually situations like this are heart related which always concerns me. Life goes on. May God comfort his family and friends.

Work has been busy. I spent an unplanned week at the plant in Dothan working my tail off. Fortunately, the project I was working on got resolved and I was able to come home.

The kids' cross country season has come to an end. They are both interested in running the Mercedes 1/2 marathon and have started training for it. I hope they are able to complete the training and the race. It will be a good lead in for track season.

I am also considering starting a running club for folks in this area of the city. Really it is aimed at the kids as they transition between seasons. I have to figure out all the rules and review the information on the RRCA and USATF websites. So any local folks that read this blog (all 1 of you...if even that much) are welcome to join.

As far as Oklahoma State football...lost with a last second field goal to Texas while leading the entire game. How frustrating is that??? After seeming to recover and find some offense, they still cannot find any defense. This is the third or fourth time in the last few years that OSU has led Texas and then Texas comes from behind to win. Next week is Kansas which has come from nowhere to have a 9-0 record and just hammered Nebraska today with 76 points. OSU is on the bubble to be bowl eligible and have three games left with Kansas and OU, both top 10 teams, left to play. Baylor is in between those two and is the only hope for "guaranteed" win.

And now, OSU's former coach, Les Miles, led LSU to a last minute win over Alabama. What a game!