Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Hint of Fall Weather

Ran this morning with Chip and we did a 7 mile pace run. I actually felt pretty good once we got into the groove. It was in the mid-60's and fairly humid after the Friday's rain. Tomorrow instead of doing the prescribed 10 miler, we are going to run 15 miles and do the shorter run next weekend which will fit with both of our schedules. I did all my runs this week, swapping the Tuesday and Thursday runs. I did the 5X800 repeats on Thursday in an average of 3:05. I actually felt pretty good.

On an utterly different subject, I watched my alma mater (Oklahoma State University) get hammered by Troy University, 41-23 (with 13 gratuity points scored at the end of the game). There is an absolute lack of defense which will be thoroughly exploited when they play Texas and Oklahoma. Further, at one time they were considered to have a dynamic offense. However, I have not yet seen much offense in the two games I have seen this season.

Boone Pickens donated a record $165M in cold, hard cash that was to be distributed to the athletic department and geology school. Evidently they recruit rocks in both areas cause I did not see much in the way of football players last night. Goes to show you, even a rich guy can't buy a win for a team like OSU.

I think for their future schedules they need to play some directional schools because this season I don't they will be much better than one. Coach Gundy, please don't come back to Alabama and embarrass the OSU alum in the land of Alabama University, Auburn University and, evidently, Troy University!

OK...I am done ranting. My kids ran XC meets this weekend. Alex did much better and ran a 22:06 for the 5K and Tori ran 17:31 for the 2-mile. The weather this morning was absolutely wonderful especially compared to last week. Everyone runs better when the temperatures get cooler. Overall, both of their teams did much better and they are looking forward to posting better times over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It has been a while since my last surprise!

I have been keeping with my running. Ran 7 straight days last week and took off (sorta) on Saturday. I ran my Saturday run on Friday (7 miles easy) because on Saturday my kids ran a XC meet in Moulton (the heat really affected their races especially my son who did not run until 1030) and then I came home and helped with a local criterium downtown (here are some photos). I got home at 2300 (11:00 PM) and then rolled out of the rack for a 0600 start on a 14 mile run with Chip. We managed an easy pace until about mile 10 and then cranked it up a notch. This run was followed by church and then a short nap ;-)

Monday I managed a 3 mile run on the treadmill at work (I did kick in a 6:30 pace for about 1/2 mile late in the run) followed by stretching and some weights for my legs. I was a bit sore on Tuesday, but I had a great 35 minute tempo run in the heat. I really pushed the run because it felt good to be out. Besides, I had to travel to Augusta this afternoon so I wanted to get my run done at lunch.

So far the training is going well. The long runs are starting to hurt some, but my recovery is pretty good by Tuesday. Chip and I had talked about skipping the easy Monday run, but I found that the treadmill run is not bad (first 1/2 mile my knees are crying) and I think the weights will help strengthen my joints.

Thursday I have 5X800 on the that will hurt! This weekend is a 7 mile pace run on Saturday followed by a 10 mile run on Sunday...piece of cake! However, those pace runs and long runs are really starting to be a challenge. I just can't wait for the 10 mile pace run followed by a 20 mile easy run the next day.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It is still summer!

Got in an easy run today of 3.6 miles. Legs are feeling better, however, my shins are hurting a wee bit. Probably a mild case of shin splints from running on the road too much. Tomorrow I have a 3 mile run at pace which I will probably do after work in the 'hood.

Now my wife and kids are making fun of me for writing "in the 'hood" in my blog. Nothing like a peanut gallery looking over my shoulder as I type (right Tori).

It is still hot out there, though not as scorching as a couple of weeks ago. So running is not quite as bad. I sure am waiting on the cool days of the fall to start.

Both of my kids have a CC meet at Moulton this weekend. So I will have to adjust my Saturday run to Friday. Plus, I agreed to help at the Pepper Place Crit downtown on Saturday afternoon. So if you are a bike rider and want to watch some good racing, come on downtown to Pepper Place from 2-9 PM. I am not exactly sure where it is downtown, but I guess I will figure it out on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Travel and Running

I have been on the road the past couple of weeks (eating and drinking too much). I did keep up the running except for one easy day each week. I feel like I am on schedule with my training. However, I did read an article on the Rocket City Marathon website and noted a comment regarding the amount of running required the 4-6 weeks prior to the marathon in order to avoid the dreaded "WALL." My weekly mileage won't reach the prescribed amount, however, I think I will be alright. Now remember, this is my first marathon and I am shooting for a 3:30. My best 1/2 marathon is 1:31:30ish on a hilly course (Mercedes in the 'ham) this past Feb.

Now my training for the 1/2 included a couple of 20 mile runs and several 7-10 mile tempo runs along with hill repeats each week. My mistake was not running 1/2 marathon pace runs especially since I was shooting for a sub-1:30. Now that I am 45, I am not sure if I hit my middle-age peak (I realize my real peak is long past ;-)).

Anyway, my running partner and neighbor, Chip, and I ran a 6 mile pace run (target of 7:50) on Saturday for a total of 7.5 miles (included a warmup and cooldown). We started a little slow on the pace run and ran several waayy to fast. Then Sunday we ran 13.2 miles in 2 hours (probably a little too fast). Monday (and today), I was one hurtin' pup. Knees hurt, legs sore, and just kind of achy from the waist down. I did run a 3.6 mile easy run on Monday (34 minutes) which did not help my achy, breaky legs. Today was a 35 minute tempo run that I did during lunch at work. After aching all morning long (and sleeping poorly last night), my legs finally felt fine after the run.

Thank goodness tomorrow is another easy run followed by a 3 mile pace run on Thursday. Well I am ready for bed so I will bid thee goodnight.

PS - The flutter has come and gone recently. In fact, after my last post, I had several instances of flutter. I think I was anxious about my pending trips. Anyway, I have had a couple of flutters over the past couple of days, but nothing dramatic. We'll see how things go over the next few weeks. So far, it has not affected my running.