Friday, March 30, 2007

Event #3

Well it did not last long. After taking the afternoon off from work to mow the lawn then head over to my kids' track meet, I started fluttering. It was not a persistent flutter, but would come and go. I was helping with the long jump and sometimes it would kick in as I bent over to measure a jump and then stop when I sat down. As a race started, especially if one of my kids was running, the adrenaline would flow and so would the flutter.

Run down of events. Ate PB and honey for lunch with glass of water and small glass of OJ. Mowed lawn, edged lawn, and blew off the driveway. Took shower, at bowl of ramen noodles and then relaxed for 30 or so minutes. At about 1500, I felt like I was coming down with a fever and had to head to the meet. Got in my warm car and drove with the windows up to the meet.

Fluttered all during the meet starting about 1600. Came home at about 2015 and had pizza. I stopped fluttering, but then it kicked back in once I started writing this missive. It still comes and goes with no sustained flutter. Overall, I am still not feeling 100%, more like 80%.

Frankly, this fluttering business bites the big one.

Some good news. Both kids set personal records in their respective events. My son ran the 1600m and 800m, setting new PRs by several seconds in each event. My daughter ran the 800m and did the same.

Tomorrow I will update the blog with my post-flutter report.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feeling Weary

I just ain't feeling right. I feel that I am pretty in tune with body and its moods. I just feel tired (not draggin' in the dirt tired, but sleep in late tired). I called my regular doc for an appointment in the afternoon. So far I have not fluttered yet today, but it is early.

Had some BBQ chicken and pork with beans, slaw and potato salad. I did sneak in some chocolate cream pie....yummy!! Had plain ole glass of h2o instead of sweet tea.

Saw the doc at 1400. He took some blood samples and we discussed by flutter history. Since it easier to get in and see him, I may just use him as my focal point to work this issue out. He wanted the blood to screen for any unusual stuff like thyroid or low electrolyte problems that may be a trigger.

I will see him after the blood tests come back and decide on the next step. He thought that my prolonged flutter on Saturday may be the cause of my tiredness. I kind of equate it to running for 10 hours and then taking a week to recover.

I did not run today. Instead I worked on my mower and mowed the back yard. Darn summer is here to early!

Had penne pasta with marinara sauce, corn and garlic bread for dinner. Small glass of OJ and a glass of water.

After dinner, around 1845, I thought I felt a flutter coming on, but it faded and has not reared its ugly head as I type this note. I will document my next event, if it occurs, sometime tomorrow. This condition aggravates the stew out of me. I told the nurse that I should quit running and lay around drinking and smoking. I know it is silly, but I hate dealing with something I cannot fix. So say a prayer for me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Event #2

Ran at lunch, 35 minutes, fairly easy. Stretched and did some situps/pushups. During my stretching/cooldown, I noted that I was a little lightheaded (at least more so than usual). I then showered and had a light lunch (small can of tuna, wheat thin crackers, applesauce, apple, and orange...I did space out the time on eating these items) along with a cool glass of water. Found a great website on atrial flutter and while reading about it, I began episode #2 (at 1330). It has not been a persistent flutter, kind of coming and going. Right now my chest feels a little heavy like a muscle that has been working out and is kind of tired. When I take a deep breath, my chest feels slightly constricted. I will document the time it finally quits. So I will get back to work!

It is now 1425 and I have not fluttered in a little while. Maybe I am done for the day.

Oops I did it again....going in and out of flutter all afternoon. Had some tomato soup out of the can that has lots of sodium around 1515. I keep going in and out of flutter and finally finished around 1745. Had fish with broccoli and grapes for dinner.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Event #1

Well since I am posting my occurrences of atrial flutter and starting today, I decided I would number them.

So #1 started around 1915 this evening while I was at my kids' track meet taking pictures. No hard activity and it was cool this evening (did not really sweat). So I am not sure what caused this particular episode. I am still fluttering now at 2140. I came home, drank a small glass of OJ and had a 2 cups of beef broth (for the sodium). I also had a small plate of spaghetti with red sauce. So I will head to bed and it will likely be gone in the morning.

As I shutdown the computer and headed to bed, my flutter stopped (about 2145)! It usually does not quit until sometime after I am asleep. Yeah!

Heart is Acting Up Again

Had a 10-12 hour episode this past Saturday where my heart went into atrial flutter. I believe I was somewhat dehydrated when it started and it is hard to make it stop. I finally went to bed and woke up the next morning with no problem. I was tired from my heart working so hard. Atrial flutter occurs when the one chamber beats 4 times for every one heartbeat. I went to a local doc-in-the-box and they ran an EKG which showed the flutter. The doc gave me a shot of blood thinner on Saturday and then again on Sunday.

I visited the cardiologist today and he is kind of at a loss as to what to do. I don't have this all the time and there does not seem to be any regular trigger that starts an episode. So now I am on blood thinner medicine (wafarin) and will journal my occurrences.