Saturday, December 22, 2007

Looking Good at Mile 14

Here is a pic that someone took while we were running (I am orange and Chip is to my left in the red). This one is at mile 14 and I was still feeling pretty good. Notice the graying beard. Since I transferred to inactive reserves, I decided to do something different...hence the beard. It will probably come off before I head back to work in 2008. Just too itchy and Deb and Tori don't like it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

14 Seconds

Yes 14 seconds from qualifying for Boston!! Here is the link to the results and the following is the low down on the race.

Started out on Saturday morning with a warm temperature of about 61F. The humidity was around 80-90% while misting off and on most of the morning. The finishing temperature was around 70F. Frankly, it was too warm for a marathon especially when one has been training in cooler temps.

Chip and I started out with a 7:45 pace and pretty much kept on track most of the run. Chip suffered from a serious side stitch around mile 18 and dropped his pace hoping to recover. I kept on pace heading into mile 23. I would say I hit the wall, but it did not seem like that. Aerobically I felt pretty good. I was not breathing excessively and my heart rate was still reasonable. However, my thighs started to feel like lead and my stride was starting to get quite sloppy (feet slapping the pavement). I kept saying to myself this is starting to feel like a death march so I exaggerated my arm swing to help my stride.

I kept making progress, but my pace was dropping like a rock. My pace the last 3 miles was around 9:00 to 9:15. In fact, I lost all of my time cushion the last 3 miles. As I headed to the finish line, hoping not to get a thigh cramp, I was concerned about even the slightest dips in the road. With my sloppy stride, I was afraid I would fall and not be able to get back up. I kept looking at my watch as I knew the time was slipping away. My main goal at the end was to finish on my feet and still running. Even the chip timing carpet was a struggle to get over as I headed into the finish.

My gun time was 3:31:22 and my chip time was 3:31:13. I had to run a 3:30:59 (which rounds down to 3:30). Hence the 14 seconds. As I walked toward the food and drink area, my thighs were burning. I knew I could not squat down, in fact, when I went in to get a massage, the lady had to pull my shoes off since I could not touch my feet. What was nice was staying at the hotel across the street (Embassy Suites) and taking an ice bath then a shower after the run. I even made it to our neighborhood Christmas party that night (beer is a great carbohydrate).

Sunday was a struggle and Monday...ohh thighs were hurting. I parked as close to my office front door as possible and avoided all stairs. Walking downhill is extremely painful when your thighs have been abused by a marathon. Tuesday was a little better and I managed to run a very slow 2.5 miles. Today I walked 2.5 miles and my legs are not hurting. I got a new pair of expensive insoles today (they are heated in the oven and then you step on them so they mold to your feet). I hope they will help my feet since I got another big blister in the middle of my right forefoot (which popped at mile 24). That was probably the most serious foot issue. I lubed my feet up with bodyglide and A&D ointment. Plus, I tried a modified shoe tying method (lace locking) which I think kept my heel in place.

Well it is soon time to start training for the Mercedes 1/2 marathon. I am thinking about running the Music City Marathon in April to see if I can lower my time. I feel that I should be able to run under 3:20. I just need to get a little more distance in my legs.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Almost There

Saturday is MARATHON DAY. I wish it were a movie marathon day. I am getting apprehensive for two reasons. One, the temperature will be warm....low mid-50's and high low 70's. Not exactly ideal running temps. The other reason is my feet. Yup...the ones with three black toes (one left and two right). In addition to black toes is blisters. I often get blisters on the bottom of my right foot near the base of the toes. This typically occurs only when I run long races (at least 15k or more). Although this is a fairly flat course and slower than usual speed, I hope I don't start to develop blisters during the race.

I have tried a number of things and haven't quite found the solution yet. This time I will try bodyglide and A&D ointment. Hopefully I can lube up enough to prevent blisters and sore toes.

My feet have recovered from my beach run where I ran barefoot and got some really great blisters on both big toes and one smaller toe. Oowee! That was dumb.

I have been on a two week taper and last week I actually felt more pent up energy than this week. I could not sleep well last week and woke up earlier than usual each day. This week I have been tired every night, going to bed on time (one night even an hour earlier than usual) and sleeping pretty well through the night. My running this week has been minimal at best and no running yesterday and today.

Well there is not much more I can do to be ready. I want to enjoy the run, make my target time (<3:30) and not be terribly sore for a week. So I will get out there and git r done. I will let you know how it turns out.