Thursday, August 31, 2006

Next Day

Ran at lunch...approximately 3.8425 miles and change. Actually it was about 40 minutes on a course I have near work. Felt pretty good even though my HR got up to about 80-85% . The temp was definitely cooler...mid-80's. It is nice that Fall is starting to kick in cause I am sick and tired of the heat. My left calf is still hurting slightly even though it did not really bother me during my run. Overall, it felt pretty good especially after laying off for 3 days.

I did a real age test on and it turns out that I am 10.9 years younger than my actual age! I told my wife that she is now married to a younger man...she did not see the humor in my real agedness. We will see who has the last laugh when she kicks the bucket before me ;-)

Also, had a comment from a lady at work the other day about how I was so trim. People don't seem to realize that I have to work at it even though I am not prone to being overweight. Having a fat butt takes a lot of inactivity unlike having a skinny butt which takes a lot of activity and a reasonably healthy diet. It takes commitment, determination and dedication. Now if I was just rich, I could work out to my heart's content and really eat well rather than eat on the run like all the other working stiffs out there in that harsh, cruel world.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lazy Bum

I haven't run or ridden since Sunday. Was going to run after work, but it was raining. Rain cleared up and then it was soooo humid. I missed lunch so I am going to take the kid's out to eat and run (no pun intended) by the store. I WILL run tomorrow at lunch. I am trying to get out of a training funk by setting some new goals and taking it when I feel like it.

Monday, August 28, 2006


I have tried this bloggin' business before with little I thought I would try again to be little more diligent in my blogging.