Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wow...nearly 2 months since my last blog

A few things have happened over the past couple of months.

The flutter came back...called the cardio doc to up my flecanide dosage from 75 mg x2 to 100 mg x2. The flutter has gone back under cover.

It is funny that the flutter came back as I was doing my longer runs in preparation for the Mercedes 1/2 marathon. I think the new dosage knocks my high end heart rate down a little further.

I completed the 1/2 marathon in 1:45. Not a great time. I felt like I was struggling the whole run and never quite felt like I was in the groove. Granted, I did not follow a training plan and I did not do any speedwork. This was the slowest 1/2 of the 5 that I have done (1 per year). However, the beer was flowing freely and was quite good!

I see the cardio doc at the end of March. I am strongly considering the ablation. I want off the drugs and would like to be back to normal.

Right now it is track season and I officiating again. I also took a photo class to improve my poor technique. I did learn a few things and now I am trying to stay in "photo shape" by taking pics a lot more frequently.

I guess I will still keep running although I am a little burned out. Maybe I should go back to cycling.