Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another 4 Years

Well the Olympics are almost over. I can finally start getting some sleep. It has been great watching ribbon dancing, horse galloping, basket weaving, etc. (not really). I have enjoyed the real sports...running, cycling, swimming and so on. I am Olympiced out though.

Been working hard. I was out of town earlier this week on a business trip to NYC (Brooklyn). I stayed at a hotel just on the other side of the Brooklyn bridge. In fact, I was able to run over the bridge into downtown Manhattan a couple of times. Nice flat run (except for the bridge). The weather there was cooler on Tuesday and Wednesday and made for great outdoor weather.

I have been trying to run more frequently and lift weights. I am not training for a race, but I think I can consider running a few races for fun (aka fun running). I am not planning on doing anything competitive because it would be a waste of time on heart medicine. I think I have come to terms with my "condition" and can live with the situation.

I did manage to run 8.4 miles today in the remnants of Fay as it moves through Bham. It was wet, but otherwise enjoyable. I am suffering from a case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot. Running on the hard pavement has not helped any and I probably need to run on some softer surfaces while icing my foot. I have tried some different things to ease this problem, but I have not been successful to date. Just gettin' old(er).

Congratulations to neighbor Jim who is now engaged!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Horses in the Olympics

Nothing to write about. Just thought I would scribble something in my blog whilst I sit here watching the Olympics (horse jumping - cross country and diving). Speaking of horse jumping in the Olympics, what is up with some (not all) overweight riders. This is not sport. The only one that is physically fit is the horse. Besides, who can afford a horse and take care of it on a daily basis such that you can ride nearly every day to become a "world class" rider? It is a gold medal for rich people that cannot do anything else.

Some poor kid in Africa runs barefoot to school everyday hoping one day to mimic the exploits of his countrymen and escape a life of hard work and poverty. All while some (not all) overweight "cowboy" rides some poor horse that runs to school everyday hoping one day to run free like his fellow mustang.

Horses in the Olympics is not sport - it is animal PETA, call Pamela Anderson! On second thought, calling Pamela Anderson and having an intelligent conversation should be an Olympic sport (it would require significant mental fitness...of a four year old)!

Go Michael Phelps...anyone that can swim endless laps in a swimming pool and not go crazy, ROCKS!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Theeeee'rrrreeee Baaaccckk!

In school. Yes the kids are back in school.

Not much going on in the world of Dom. I was out of town the first part of the week (work) and just got back into the office today. The travel must of really wore me out because I felt terrible this morning. Just lethargic and a bit lightheaded. It does not seem like I have been right since I started taking the heart drugs. I just hope it is not something else lurking in the background.

Weekend is coming up, so I will get some rest and hopefully get back to par.

I did run Tuesday (5 miles on treadmill at hotel) and today (5 miles on treadmill at work). It has been miserably hot so running outside just is not appealing. I plan on doing a short run tomorrow and lift some weights.

Time for a popsicle and then the rack.