Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Real Post

Been busy. Work, kids, wife church and running are taking up most of my time. So what has happened over the past two weeks you may ask? Stuff.

Here are some highlights:

I am co-leading a men's church group called Joshua's Men (or Jmen). We went on a short retreat on 9/21-22 up to the Ocoee River. We had a great time. Shared thoughts on a book we are reading, sat around a campfire, slept in a cabin on a very uncomfortable mattress, and ate camp food. Saturday morning we finished reviewing our book of the month and then played touch football. One of our younger members was all over the field. He played QB on the other team and intercepted most of our passes. THEN we went rafting. The water was up because they had the upper section running. Our guide asked on a scale of 5-10 what kind of trip we wanted. One of our more daring members (yeah...he sat in the back) said he wanted a 10. A 10 is what we got! Some of the rapids were really up and we smacked every one of them hard. As we approached the last rapid, the guide asked if we wanted to flip the boat and Jerry (still sitting in the back) yelled out YES! The rest of us (especially Chris and me since we were on the front) said NO! Well we didn't flip, but we hit that last rapid head on and hard. So hard in fact that the only thing keeping Chris and me from landing in the back of our 6-man raft were the four guys behind us. Can't wait until next year!

Been running. Chip is in my Jmen group so we altered our schedule to fit the trip. We ran 17 miles this past Sunday morning which was very nice and cool. Towards the end, we picked up the pace. I felt pretty good especially since I had a caffeinated Goo at mile 13. Just like getting a little turbo boost. I felt pretty good afterward, not good enough to be very active other than going to church and playing Halo 3 with my son. Ibuprofen is my friend!

The kids have had some XC meets and are improving. I am trying to talk my son into training for the Mercedes 1/2 marathon in Feb. He gives me that kind of "no way in heck" smirk and says "ya." I told him I would run it with him...no luck yet.

My wife is still doing a maternity leave. She is finding that the daily grind is a daily grind. She had been counting down the days until the teacher returns. However, the teacher called and asked her to stay another two weeks ;-( While not happy about it, it is better to get maternity leave pay than sub pay.

Work has been going ok. Some things have happened that left me somewhat disappointed. So after stewing over it a few days, I decided to drop it and move on (not necessarily change jobs or companies....yet).

So you have the abridged version of the past 2 weeks.

Please Post

Well my good friend Anonymous left a comment that I needed to update my blog. Happy now?