Saturday, December 04, 2010

Contractors - in General,,,they suck

Do want to get screwed? Buy a house and then hope you can find some reasonable individual to fix any problems you may have with it.

I can honestly say that you can find a great contractor to do work...unfortunately, they are rare.

We had some minor roof damage that we wanted to get fixed.

Hinkle Roofing...won't call you back because you don't want to replace your roof. Heaven forbid that you have some minor damage you want fixed because they don't care. Business must be good! However, it is a poor business model since that small job may result in a big job later on.

Alabama Roofing...they say they will come out and give you a quote, but they don't show up. They don't call...nothing. They said they had a big job at I guess the little jobs fall by the wayside. Hmmm...I also work for a big company and certainly won't be using them for any commercial work!!!

Cummings Roofing - so small that they don't have a website. That is ok....they actually did the work I needed...overcharged me by about $700 and did not do a great job. And then when you want them to come back and fix a couple of minor issues, they won't come back. The check is already in the bank.

I cannot recommend any of these companies to do any roofing work. So if you ever need roofing work done, good luck!

This is just another episode of shitty contractors...there are few good ones out there. I have actually had one. We had installed a tile floor in a kitchen, bathroom and shower. The contractor was on time, called when he could not make it (which was rare) and he only did one job at a time. The big plus was that he was good at his job.

Now I have a good job and I make pretty good money. I don't mind hiring someone to do work (share the wealth); however, I get tired of getting screwed by contractors that just want your money and really don't care if they do a good job or not. That is why I often do it myself and tell the contractors out there to F*&^ Off. They can go hungry because they deserve to.

So unless you know someone, you are at the mercy of the average shitty BOHICA.

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